Provides a simpler, easier and more efficient receipt issuance experience to merchants without any change in current POS Billing Software

Save Money

Save the money spent on paper rolls used for printing receipts.

Improve in-store experience

Provide a great in store experience to shoppers with digital receipt solution.

Go eco-friendly

Contribute to environment by avoiding paper based receipts with BPA which is a threat for environments.

Popular Features

Go Digital

Provide digital receipt to your customers without any change in your billing software

Customer Checks-in

Customer identification is made easy with check-in using ConnecDotz - Shoppers App. You can see list of customers in store

Offers of the day

Publish offers of the day when customer check-in your store

Identify In-Store customers

You can identify who is shopping in your store


An electronic receipt, e-receipt or digital receipt, is a proof of purchase issued instead of a paper receipt for any goods or services that have been paid for. With MyNearStorez - eReceiptz, you can send digital receipt directly to your customer mobile phone and no print is needed.

eReceipt is a great and easy way to save money spent on paper rolls. Easy collect customer contacts and promote their business with more personalized and relevant content.

for Shoppers, eReceipt is easy to store and retrieve whenever it is needed

for Environment, Paper Receipt pose great threat to environment. Using eReceipt can save trees and environment

Yes, It is a Plug-and-Play software can generate digital receipt without any integration with your current billing software

We do not change/modify your receipt structure or template instead provide an option to append custom messages to your receipt.

It depends on your Billing Software and its printer configuration. Most of the billing software it can be configured in 30 minutes.

Note: We are still learning and some implementation may be very complex and may take longer time.  

Yes, 20,000 receipts FREE for any store.

25,000 receipts FREE when you subscribe Small Plan.
50,000 receipts FREE when you subscribe Medium Plan.
100,000 receipts FREE when you subscribe Large Plan.


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